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The Early Childhood Center (ECC) shares a campus with R.H. Dana Elementary School in picturesque Dana Point. The ECC serves children from birth through Transitional Kindergarten age. Enrollment in our Spanish Emmersion Preschool program is based on availability and specific eligibility criteria. Enrollment in our special education specific programs are based on eligibility for special education and the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team recommendations.
The mission of the Early Childhood Center is to create an early childhood community with a focus on providing high-quality early childhood programming, while supporting the individual needs of young children and diverse learners, while fostering a place of inclusion and belonging. Teachers, related service providers, and administrators are highly trained educational professionals who are credentialed through the State of California.

Specialists in the areas of speech and language, psychology, occupational and physical therapy, adapted physical education, vision, deaf/blind intervention, deaf and hard of hearing, mobility and integration, audiology, and health services work collaboratively with teachers and staff to provide required services for our students with specific disabilities. Instructional assistants are trained to support the classroom program as well. Students at the ECC are taught in a natural activity-based environment. Activity-based intervention is a transactional approach that embeds training on a child’s individual goals and objectives follow a curriculum based on State and District standards which are embedded in each student's individual goals and objectives. Special needs students participate in the general education curriculum, and in extracurricular and other nonacademic activities with non-disabled children as appropriate. Students have access to technology through the use of computers with adaptive devices and specialized software. Adaptive equipment and materials, and augmentative communication devices and techniques are used throughout the school to enhance the educational programs for students.
Ages Served: Birth through Transitional Kindergarten age
  • A California Children’s Services Therapy Unit for students who qualify: Call (949) 234-5595 for more information
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